Sunday, August 02, 2015

Lost In This Blogging World? MY THOUGHTS | Rode Ramblings

Wouldn't it be amazing if you could have a tech guy who could sort all online problems for you and your whole blogging game was untouchable?? Well some people are actually at that level however for many of us (me with my hand right in the air) we have to do it all on our own!

You know what I have had my blog for well over a year now and I still feel so clueless! I wanted my blog name to be more compatible with my social media etc so I have changed my blog name from 'Walk Down Ivy Rode' to 'Ivy Rode'. Now I figured that out but now how do I change it on bloglovin?! Off to google I go!

Anyway this post isn't about me moaning about how I don't know how to do something I was just thinking 'wow I am so lost in this world of blogging' but you know what... I actually kind of like it. Is that crazy?

Don't get me wrong, of course I want my blog to grow and I am always researching how to better my blog but the thing I struggle with is I can't keep up with the level of professionalism some of these blogs have who have been going on for years! I am still learning. One day I will get to that level but to me it's all about the process.

I try to only put the amount of stress I can handle on myself with my blog. This is why I have been little MIA on this blog recently and only posting video content. I absolutely LOVE my youtube channel I love the creativity it gives me, so being honest I have put more of my time into that. I feel my youtube is my main outlet. However I have been bad and neglected my blog!

So here I am 'again' haha apologising for my absence. Blogging is another big game and I feel so out of my depth sometimes but the thought I am left with is I just do not go by the 'guidelines' the '10 tips to a successful blog' kind of pointers. Yes I do as much as I can but my blog is just an extension of me so it is pretty casual!

The more confident I become with my blog the more pressure I will add but the most important thing to always make sure of is you are enjoying it! You must grow with your blog and not let your blog out grow you!

Anyone else on the same page as me? Or is it just me haha.

Have a great day!!

Ivy xo

p.s I figured out how to change my blog name on bloglovin! Go me! well... go google! haha


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