Friday, September 25, 2015

Makeup Revolution Eye Palettes | REVIEW | ICONIC 3 + EYES LIKE ANGELS

Makeup Revolution is a new brand to me. I first started to hear of the brand when many youtubers and bloggers were comparing the Iconic 3 palette to the Urban Decay Naked 3. So naturally I went to pick it up myself.

I do not own the Naked 3 however I have wanted it for a while, so this was a great alternative and a lot cheaper!

So whats my verdict?

Colours -  Warm Rose, pink, purple and golden shades. Great mix of mattes and shimmers ranging from the lighter spectrum to dark.

Pigmentation - Great. Blend easily, pigmented, true to colour and little fall out.

Lasting power - Great. I found the shadows lasted on my lids all day and I did not experience any problem with creasing.

Value - Amazing. This palette retails for only £4!! Great value for the quality you are getting and for 12 shadows!

Practicality - I love this palette however I do find myself doing the same looks with it. As the shades are all in the same colour family not matter the combination of shadows I use the look always ends up looking similar to the last. However if you want the Naked 3 but it is out of your budget this is a great alternative.

Would I recommend - Yes

Overall Score - 7/10

After being so impressed with the Iconic 3 palette I was in Superdrug having a browse and I noticed the 'Eye's Like Angels' Palette. I was drawn to this product as the colour selection looked beautiful! A great mix of subtle and bold colours. Something I lack in my makeup collection is coloured shadows so I thought this would be a great edition to my collection

Whats my verdict?

Colours - Mainly shimmers. A real jukebox of colours from bold and bright to warm and subtle. Contains 32 shadows.

Pigmentation - Amazing!! These shadows are incredibly pigmented and so far I have not experienced any fall out. I find they blend well and the shimmer finish is gorgeous, not too glittery! The perfect balance.

Lasting power - Great. However when I try to remove the shadows they do such a good job staying on my lids they do not want to come off! You defiantly need an eye makeup remover for this palette your daily cleanser is not going to do it!

Value - £8! Amazing value for 32 shadows!

Practicality - If you are not into coloured shadows and are more of an everyday neutral kind of girl then this palette may not be for you. However if you like to experiment with colour or want to try bold shadows for the first time I think this palette is a great starting point. I also think regardless it is a great palette for your collection as the colours are just gorgeous! Great for all year round.

Would I recommend - Yes

Overall Score - 8/10 

As you can see I do think these products are worth looking into. The eyeshadow palettes are defiantly a strong point for the brand unlike their liquid lipsticks! (See my review here)

Have you tried their palettes? Do you have a favourite? Let me know in the comments! 

Have a great day!

Ivy xo


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