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Multimasking with LUSH | Cupcake, Don't Look At Me + Love Lettuce | REVIEW

ivy rode
Skin concerns such as acne prone? Hyper pigmentation? Oily? Clogged pores? Lush face mask's may be your answer...They are mine!

ivy rode
ivy rode
When is comes to my skin my main concerns are oiliness, hyper pigmentation and acne prone/ sensitive skin. I love a good facemask however it is important to choose them carefully. I always stick with the natural route as that gives your skin a lower risk to react. Before you buy a facemask analyse your skin, what are your concerns? I am going to talk you through my thought process and the 3 facemasks which I am loving and how I use them.

There is no rule you have to only use one at a time so mix them! Sometimes I put 'Love Lettuce' on my forehead to target any small bumps, 'Don't Look At Me' on my cheeks to fade any marks and 'Cupcake' on my chin especially if it is that time of the month! Create your custom mask and target the problem areas.

ivy rode1) Don't Look At Me

My first concern is the horrid red marks which are left after having a spot! I used to use lemon juice on my marks which did work however on it's own it is just too harsh for daily use on the skin. This facemask is a new edition to LUSH and I could not be happier! It has a high level of lemon juice which is great for brightening along with grounded white rice to give a nice exfoliate. This is important as you want to remove any dead skin cells so your skin can revamp! 
It gives a tingling feeling when on the skin which I love as it feels like it is working! I have seen a good improvement whilst I have been using this mask! A must if you want to fade marks!

My Score - 9/10 

ivy rode2) Love Lettuce

Oily skin. This is something my dad passed down to me.. Thanks dad! Well at least it means I am less prone to wrinkles! One concern when you have oily skin is blocked pores. This mask is my exfoliating mask. It has grounded almond through the mask which gives a punch when exfoliating. This is a once a week mask tops! I also find this mask is good for acne prone skin as it contains honey   and once on the skin I feel like it does a good job at drawing any nasty rubbish out of my skin! If I start to notice little bumps on my skin this is my go to, followed by a toner it works like a dream! Note: It is not gentle. Great when you need a good clean out.

My Score - 8/10 

ivy rode3) Cupcake

This is my 'middle ground' mask. This is the mask I reach for when my skin needs help however I do not want anything too harsh. This mask is known for being good for oily/ acne prone skin. Many people love it as it resembles chocolate however that quality I am not a fan off. The mask it self is good and it gives a great calming effect to any big breakouts. This one I find a little harder than the others to remove for some reason however once it is off my skin feels so soft! This is the mask I use when my skin can not handle too much of an exfoliate.

My Score - 7/10 

There are many other masks I love from LUSH such as 'Mask of Magnaminty', 'Catastrophe Cosmetic' and 'Cosmetic Warrior' however I find the three spoke about in this post are a great combination for my skin concerns.

What is your favourite LUSH facemask?

Love your skin!

Ivy xo


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