Friday, September 04, 2015

My Current Bath Time Obsession | FIJI GREEN TEA BODY WASH | The Body Shop

So I have been using this product for a while now and It is only in the last week I have realised it's full potential!

As the bottle suggests it is a shower gel. Like all shower gels I lather them up in my hands and wash my body. However the other day as I was running a bath I decided to squirt a few pumps into the bath as it was running. When I returned to my bath I was shocked to what I came back too. My bath was filled with bubbles! It was a real deal bubble bath. I immediately got excited and I slipped into what felt like heaven.

You may be reading this like er Ivy get with the times. Call me daft but to me shower gels never created bubbles in my bath they just lathered up and fizzled away.

So this product is a great bang for your buck! It smells heavenly and at only £6?! You can not go wrong! It is a 2 in 1!

Also I just want to add I tried the LUSH sex bomb bath bomb for the first time and oh my that is a great one to try too if you are into girly scents! **LITTLE TIP** As I like to get the most out of my money I actually placed the bath bomb onto a piece of tin foil and chopped a section off with a knife. The product breaks away and then you can tip the contents from the foil into the bath.

What are your favourite bath time products?

Ivy xo


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