Friday, October 23, 2015

A Deodorant To Give A Miss! | Product Test | Aluminium Free Deodorant | BIONSEN

So I have heard for a while we should use deodorants which are aluminium free as our pits are a direct link to our bloodstream. However honestly it is something which I kind of brushed to the side until around a month ago.

I was searching the racks of Whole Foods and As Nature Intended looking for a good all natural deodorant but girl they are pricey! I am used to spending at most £2 on a deodorant they were starting at £8. Another problem is the scents are not the best. I like something fresh and girly and lets just say they smelt very 'natural'/ 'organic' haha.

Let's cut a long story short I was in Waitrose doing my weekly shop and I noticed they had some aluminium free deodorants. I picked up the Bionsen deodorant in the stick form and decided to give it a go. The smell was good compared to others. It was fresh and clean and it did the job.

At first I loved it I thought yes this is good so I went back and bought the spray and a roll on for my mum. Then things started to go down hill. I started to notice the smell more and more (deo smell not BO!) and it was printing onto my clothes. WARNING TMI.. I started to notice if I wore a top twice the smell was just not 'girly' shall we say and I am not one to ever experience this before. It kind of reminded me of insect repellent! It is like the longer you wear the deodorant the smell develops into something weird.

I then mentioned it to my mum and she said she experienced the same! It was like the deodorant gave me BO and that my friends is where the story of this product ends... In the bin.

I am now testing out the PitROCK Berry Burst deodorant and so far so good however my pits will check back in with you at a later date!

If you know of any good aluminium free deodorants please let me know in the comments!

Have a great day! 

Ivy x


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