Tuesday, October 20, 2015

I Quit My Day Job?!, Vans Warped Tour + Skincare Jackpot!

Time to wrap up the last week! Let's talk about what I have been loving or maybe not so much! What I have been up to as well as anything else I want to share! 
1) I was in Ibiza! I had the most amazing social media free trip. Not on purpose there was just no internet however it was a blessing in disguise because I really needed it. It was lovely to spend some quality time with one of my best friends and have lots of giggles and cocktails! I posted an Ibiza Photo Diary as well as an Ibiza Vlog so get clicking on the links to see the good stuff!.

2) My skin has been loving the La Roche Posay Effecter Duo +! I forgot to pack my acne spot treatment prescribed to me by the doctor so I was left to just my Effecter duo + and wow! My skin loves it on it's own! Bye bye to my spot treatment my skin has never felt so good!

3) I found out my lips hate MAC lip liners! I know feel my pain! I am not sure if it is all MAC lip liners but 'Soar' and 'Boldly Bare' make my lips all dry and sore.

4) I quit my day job. Yes you read that right! Now I have not quite to just do my blog and youtube as I am no where near that stage yet! I am on the hunt for a new job however this time more in my field. I was perviously working at a Kitchen Interiors and although I loved my boss the job was not giving me anything except money. As a person this does not sit well with me and my mental sate could not handle it any more! Sometime we have to take a risk and make a change to push ourselves further!

5) I went to the Vans Warped Tour at Alexandra Palace! The reason for me going was actually to see one of my good friends from LA. He is working with Metro Station so lucky me I got to tag along!

What was your highlight of the week?

Ivy xo

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