Friday, October 02, 2015

Take Action With Your Life | FLIP YOUR LIFE Steps 6 - 10

ivy rode

Ok so last week I went through the first 5 steps to flip your situation an move towards a more positive and happy life. Today I am going to give you my next 5 steps!

I hope the last post was helpful and together we continue to move in the right direction. Today it is all about taking action! This is a crucial point in the process. It is all fair and well thinking and writing down the problems however what is the point if you arn't going to take action and make the changes.

Now remember things might not change overnight and in certain situation you may have to learn to compromise. However the most important thing is knowing your own priorities. What do YOU need to be happy.

Lets get straight into the steps today and talk as we go!

6) You have done the ground work and identified the problems. Now look down your list and prioritise.. what needs to change first? Usually this is when you turn to your gut. Your gut is extremely powerful and will always give you the most honest answer.

7) Now identify if you need to make any compromises. If you identify any down falls first before you make changes it give you time to wrap your head around things and you know what to expect.

8) This is the big one TAKE ACTION. Make the change. Depending on your situation you could give yourself a trial run first.

9) Now you have made the change you need to stay there. Block out any negativity or toxic people. Focus on yourself in a loving way. Know what you need and focus on what makes you happy. Write things down too. You should keep a journal to get out your feelings and emotions. You don't want to keep everything packed away in your head. Work on being open to allow the good energy to come in.

10) Once you feel the first change has been a success repeat steps 1 - 4 on any other problem areas.

These steps may seem simple however in the scheme of life they can be difficult as you are making yourself search deep within and connect to your true self.

I will share my progress with you quickly. I did steps 1 - 10 and I have now moved back in with my mum in London. I now have my car here which means I have my independence I do not need to shift my day to fit in with any one else. I have been going out more working from cafe's etc and I have sorted my gym membership as that is crucial to me!I have been focusing on my youtube looking at my content and brainstorming where I want my channel to go, what is and isn't working. Got myself back on track with my Blog and for the last month I have posted twice a week. However most importantly I have been focusing on what makes me happy. Listening to my body and giving it what it wants wether that is a sweet treat or a big bowl of pasta or planning my days on my mood and not forcing myself into situations I do not want to be in. Lastly I have also been balancing my work life (normal day job) with my career life. Snaps for Ivy hahah comment below if you know that reference!

Now even though I have made some pretty big changes I have had to compromise as I do live with another person. However as I thought about this before I made the change it has not been an issue at all! At this moment in time I feel good! Let's keep it that way together!!

Let me know if you make any changes! I would love to hear from you!

Have a great day!

Ivy xo

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