Tuesday, October 06, 2015

What I learnt At The Beauty Blogger Awards 2015

First things first. Congratulations to all the winners!!

I spent last Sunday at the Beauty Blogger Awards and this was actually my first time to a blogging event. I did not know what to expect however I was shocked when I walked away with lots of goodies! 

The event was small and was a day filled with workshops and talks about all things blogging! For a small blogger like myself this was extremely beneficial. Here is what I learnt from the day.

1) Find your 'Niche'. Don't be a jack of all trades master of none. This is something I am currently trying to figure out. There are 1000's of girls blogging and vlogging but you need to sit and think what is your point of difference. What is your 'thing'. Once you have found it stick with it. 

2) Get talking. Networking is key. It takes one move to start a conversation with somebody and that is the first step to build friends and contacts in the industry. 

3) When people say 'it took me a couple of years before I got any kind of following' they are telling the truth. I was reassured that the process is slow for a lot of girls. It is all about not giving up and focusing on bettering your content. 

I had a great day! If you didn't manage to go this year then apply next year! It is completely free! 

Did anyone else attend the event? 

Ivy xo

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