Monday, November 23, 2015


Hey guys!

So I have not done one of these for a while! So what is new? 

I have started a new job at Benefit Cosmetics and I am working full time so my schedule has been thrown off whack! However I am working my hardest to keep everything on track with my youtube which so far so good! I am now trying to get back on track with my blog but it is proving a challenge. That being said I think I have found the solution that I am actually writting blog posts on my lunch breaks, like right now! 

I have only had this job for a week and so far so good it is just hard trying to adjust to the new timings and making sure I keep a healthy balance! The key is keeping ahead! 

I will be filming a video all about my interview and training experience along with how the job is going and what I get in my starter kit. However I can not film that untill everything arrives. 

The one thing I am a little bumed about is I am not vlogging as much. I love vlogging but there is no point on the days I work as I can not have my camera with me in store and it would just be so boring! That being said I am thinking of doing a weekly type vlog and doing as much as I can! I wanted to do vlogmas but I think this year it is going to have to be weekly style. 

I have some blog and video ideas for the coming month from gift guides to food posts to reviews. However if you have any requests please do let me know! 

I didn't do a weekly rode last week but to be honest I can not even remember what I did! haha The past 2 weeks feel mashed into one! The only thing I do know is I finially like my instagram theme so go check it out! My handle is @IvyRode

I hope you are all well! Christmas is nearly here!!! 

I have to go do a makeover now! Lunch break has finished! 

Ivy xo

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