Wednesday, November 04, 2015

I Got A Job At BENEFIT COSMETICS, halloween + a lot of shopping!

Time to wrap up the last week! Let's talk about what I have been loving or maybe not so much! What I have been up to as well as anything else I want to share! 
Guys! Where is my head at this post should have gone up on Monday.

1) I got offered the job at Benefit Cosmetics! I still need to go through store approval etc so fingers crossed all with go ok! I am so happy/ excited about this news though!

2) I had an allergic reaction. This was not fun! I tried to test out Oats in my system as I have always been suspicious and it was confirmed my body does not like them! Not a major reaction just little bumps on my face and I was so itchy in the night! Eugh this is life! Dealing with it!

3) I went to Bond Street and ended up doing some damage! I have a haul coming to my channel very soon! Following this I had a lovely dinner in Colbert's in Sloane Square with my mum to celebrate my job offer!

4) Halloween! I basically spent the early hours of halloween scaring kids! haha it was great! My mum is so good when it comes to Halloween and organised games for the kids who knocked on our door with my next door neighbour. My job was to drop a massive spider on their heads out of the window when they were standing at the door! The kids loved it!

5) I had such a productive Sunday! I filmed 2 videos and got on top of my youtube. I also tried out a new coffee shop I found called 'Chief Coffee' it is near Turnham Green station. This week I also started my VLOGGING CHANNEL! So exciting! I have 3 vlogs up already including one from this day! Click here to watch! Also don't forget to subscribe!

Have a great week!

Ivy xo

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