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MURAD Product REVIEWS + Murad Facial

Murad is a brand I see pop up all the time on the internet. It wasn't until I watched a skincare video by Teni Panosian on youtube that I finally decided to give the brand a whirl.

I first researched where the products are stocked around me and I actually found out not many places! However luckily there was a spa in my area which sold the products and also offered Murad Facials. I went to the spa and booked a facial and well... I now have them every month!

My skin at the time was very hormonal mainly due to my change of pill. So I was in desperate needs for a skin care regime to help combat this. The Murad facial feels amazing! After the treatment even though my skin was not clear the troubled areas I did have looked much healthier and in general a lot better. I also had some microdermabrasion treatment which I have been dying to try for ages and I can say after 2 facials my skin has improved.

After the facial I was advised what products where best for my skin. This is key with Murad! I do not recommend just buying a whole line of products. I actually use products from two different lines at the moment as they are to treat different problems. It is also good to get an experts advice when choosing products as they are not cheap, or even ask for a tester to try.

The products I am currently using.

1) Redness Therapy - Smoothing Gel Cleanser

This is the first product I use on my skin every morning and night. I can not express how much I LOVE this product. It feels so gentle on the skin and so luxurious to wash your face with. I find it breaks down my makeup like a dream and does not leave a residue on my skin after use.

2) Resurgence - Hydrating Toner

This toner is combating an issue I was having which is hydration. The toner I was using before was the La Roche Posay effeclar toner. Even though I love La Roche Posay I did start to find after too much use the toner was a little too strong and started to leave my face feeling dry. This Murad toner is perfect for me at the moment it leaves my skin feeling just happy shall we say. Also this line is great for hormonal acne etc so this has helped a tone!

3) Redness Therapy - Correcting Moisturiser SBF15

I am on the fence with this product. I love it because it does a great gob at calming my face down redness wise and also with any angry breakouts. However my 'but' with this one is the SBF smell. I am very sensitive to the scent however I am getting better with it. I also have noticed small bumps appear under my eye area. Now I can not confirm it is this product causing it however I am currently testing it out to see if this is working with my skin or not. That being said it is a great product and it sinks into the skin nicely and it doesn't feel like your wearing lots of product. As an oily skin girl moisturisers can be scary but I can say this one is oily skin approved!
P.S I can confirm this was causing the bumps on my skin! It contains an ingredient called Octinoxate and if you google you can see for yourself this is part of the SBF in the product and it is not kind to clogged pores!

4) Blackhead and Pore Clearing Duo

I actually am using testers of these products at the moment but oh my this packed a punch from the first use. 2 months ago when I discovered these products I had small bumps under the surface of my skin which were clogged pores. The beauty adviser recommend to try this on the area and the morning after I am not kidding there were nearly gone! I was like WHAT?! This stuff is strong so I do not recommend using it daily you're probably best to use this once a week or once every 2 weeks. You start with the mask and follow with the serum. A little goes a long way too and I was also advised the ingredients are strong so do not think you have to pile it on! Grab a tester first! It is too expensive for it not to work for you!

So in all I am extremely happy with the products I am currently using, the only product I am not 100% on with the moisturiser! Our skin changes all the time and I have found my skin concerns have changed too. This means you need to pay attention and find the product which give you the best balance. I highly recommend having a facial first so someone can really analyse your skin and help find you the perfect regime!

I have just started a new series on my channel RODE TO CLEAR SKIN. I am really excited about this and in the first video I talk about about these products and more! From what my current skin concerns are to sharing my mistakes! Don't forget to subscribe!

I hope this post was helpful!

Do you use any mural products? Let me know!

Ivy xo

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