Tuesday, January 05, 2016

New Year... New Blog Design! + 2015 Reflection

Hello! Long time no blog ay!

So another year has flown by and so it begins the new year new me malarkey! Well sorry but there is no new year new me with me! I have never really understood that concept to be honest. Yes you can make resolutions and change the things you do etc but its never really going to be a new you. Without the bad mistakes and lessons learnt you wouldn't be where you are now. So no new year new me. Lets look bad at 2015 learn and make 2016 ever better!

I should probably say now I am currently sick in bed off work feeling very sorry for myself! So there is a 99% chance this post will just be word vomit and probably will be grammatically horrendous! So here we go!

Things I learnt in 2015..

1) Blogging is SO hard. Keeping up with a schedule and posting good photos and content is so full on! Especially when you have a youtube and a full time job. So this year I am going to take the pressure off blogging and maybe who knows I might actually post more! Quality over quantity.

2) I need to BMOB. What's BMOB? Be My Own Boss. This is my goal of 2016.

3) I need to find a more precise focus. In 2015 my focus was all over the shop trying to do too many things at once. I think this actually slows me down as I need to put all my energy into one of two things first and make them successful and then grow from there.

4) I know what I don't want. This applies in many areas from career to relationships to friends. Although I may not know what I defiantly want as I am still finding it I found out that I do know what I don't want.

5) Trust myself. I do a lot of things because I feel I SHOULD or I do things to PLEASE others. This is what needs to change this year. I need to listen to my own gut instinct first and do what I love to do.

I am not going to share my goals for the new year as they are personal to me. However I will say I want to grow my blog and youtube like no other this year!! It is on! I also am going to get back into music! These are the things I love so these are the things I am focussing on!

How was your year? What was your biggest highlight? Share in the comments!!

Happy new year!! 2016 GIVE US WHAT YOU GOT!!

Ivy xo

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