Tuesday, January 12, 2016


Yes you have read that title correctly I have put onions in my socks to try and make myself better. Did it work though?

Ok so let me explain. You may have already heard of this remedy however I stumbled upon this on Pinterest (as I was lying in bed feeling like life was coming to an end as my body felt so poisoned by what ever illness I was battling) and after researching and hearing such amazing stories I thought lets give this a go.

Firstly let me tell you why people do this. So in short apparently the soles of your feet are a direct link to your internal organs. Onions are known as 'air purifiers' which when applied to the skin kills germs and bacteria. However the main focus is the phosphoric acid which when entering the bloodstream purifies the blood. In all, the onion helps to draw out any toxins. This is why it claims to help cure your illness.

So in the state I was in I was the perfect guinea pig to put this to the test.


So the first night I tried this I slept like a baby! I did not wake up once in the night (which you know is rare when your ill with a blocked nose etc). The next morning I kid you not I actually did not feel too bad.
Later that day I started to feel horrific again and my throat and nose symptoms where getting worse and worse.
I was dreading going to sleep that night!


I forgot to put onions in my socks as I fell asleep! So in result the next day I felt horrendous! Full on virus symptoms weak body the whole shebang. It was a fun day. I literally felt like I was dying. I know it sounds dramatic but I am not exaggerating it was the worst!


After the horrific day I had and I could barely breath as I went to sleep. I was expecting a sleepless night. Literally omg I slept through the night! It was a miracle. I woke up still feeling like death the next morning but the fact I got a night sleep amazed me. It is at this point I do want to point out I was not having fever symptoms. With the illness I had you would have thought I would of had a fever however I do actually believe the onions helped this as even from a young age I would only get a fever at night and this time around I did not have it!


From this point on I did not notice any dramatic changes whilst using the onions. However I must say it 100% improved my sleep! I did not have 1 sleepless night which is unheard of for me when I am ill.

It was at this point my body started to feel an improvement and to be honest I stopped using the onions.

Overall Thoughts

It was not a mind blowing remedy for me. This being said I do believe it helped my recovery for example my quality of sleep and I believe it did help speed up the process. I have friends who have had this same illness recently it lasted for 2 weeks or more! So the fact mine only stayed around for a week is amazing!
I would use this remedy again as I feel anything which helps purifies the body is worth doing regardless!

I hope this was helpful and if you are sick defiantly give it a go! You might find it does the trick!

Ivy xo

Photo Credit - https://uk.pinterest.com/pin/526287906428316346/


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