Thursday, January 07, 2016

Top 5 GLUTEN FREE Substitutes

So wether you are a celiac or you just avoid gluten or wheat it can be hard finding really good! Today I am sharing my top 5 Gluten + Wheat free substitutes.

1) Superfood Bread

I found this recipe in Deliciously Ella's cook book. This bread is grain free and has a nut base. It is super easy to make and I can not rave about it enough! It tastes amazing! What I like to do is slice the bread up and pop it into the freezer so I have it on hand whenever I fancy some bread. Due to the amazing ingredients it is packed with nutirents and vitamins and is completly guilt free! I have made this in a vlog before! Click here to watch.
If you do not have time to make bread then I highly recommend the Gluten Free Wheat Free break from M&S. You can find it in their free from section and in my opinion it is my favourite one I have found.

2) Pancake mix

This is one of my favourite finds! I have mentioned this in a Favourites Video before and it is such a treat for breakfast. What I love about this mix is you can get thin pancakes! I have tried gluten free alternatives using oats and bananas etc however they turn out so thick plus oats can be a tricky ingredient for some people. This mix lets you have both depending how much liquid you add. Also this mix is gluten free, wheat free, egg free, dairy free, yeast free, sugar free and vegan!

3) Brown Rice Pasta

I do love a good bowl of pasta however I like to stick to brown rice pasta as it is not a complexed carb and my body digests it better. Also fun fact complexed carbs turn into sugar once you digest them so that is another reason why you should stick to the non complexed version! (is that the right terminology? I don't know!) My favourite at the moment is the Doves Farm Brown Rice Pasta. It cooks well and does not clump together like alot of gluten free pastas tend to do. It tastes just the same! 

4) Brown rice + Millet flakes Porridge

I recently found oats do not mix well with me and in a gluten fee diet they can be a difficult ingredient. I have dodged them all together with this porridge. It gives the same consistancy and with some chia seeds added in it is packed with fiibre and a great way to start the day. My favourite is by the brand Barkat.

5) Tarts

Ok saving the best for last! My favourite find of 2015 food wise and I am not even kidding. Elvira's Secret Pantry do gluten free, dairy free and yeast free tarts. I discovered these in Selfridges in the food hall. BIG TIP go in the afternoon and you may find them reduced half price! They are around £5 a tart but they are just AMAZING. If you live a gluten free diet you will appreciate these tarts. I can not rave about them enough they are packed with flavour and honestly just thank me later! 

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