Saturday, February 06, 2016

Blogging Tips From A NEWBIE BLOGGER | The Honest Truth

To be honest with you it has taken me around 2 years to find my blog 'groove'. These the some honest truths I would like to share...

1) Ease your way in.

We read in many 'blog advice' posts to really take it seriously, to have a schedule and plan plan plan. I tried this and I think this was what tripped me up. You need to know what works for you as person. I love to plan things out but with that comes a lot of pressure to keep on top of the schedule you have set. When you first start blogging you are learning so much and you need to give yourself time to find the right balance. So when you do devise a schedule you know it fits. I didn't do this and tried to do too much at once and in effect I kept burning out and loosing interest in my blog.

2) Focus On YOU.

There are hundreds of blogs! Although we might write similar content there is a reason why certain bloggers have more followers than others. They have defined their style and you know they are 100% theme self. There is no point focussing on other peoples growth and content because your journey is separate and you want to be the best FIRST version of yourself not the SECOND best version of someone else.

3) It is slow. You need the passion.

It is not an over night thing. Everyone says the same thing because it is true. I think I have 33 followers but I am ok with that. I do not focus on my blog numbers I focus on how many people are clicking on my post. Remember not everyone follows on bloglovin, people do just read blogs without following on a social media site. So go with your passion and enjoy writing!

4) Try and stay ahead of yourself.

I find the best thing to do is write whenever you feel like it! Do not wait until the day before your post is due to write it. By being ahead you can relax. You know there is content to be published and it also means you can put more time and effort into other aspects for example images. I also find I am far more creative when I am ahead, I think it is because my mind is relaxed.

5) What is your niche? What is your 'thing'?

Take a couple of minutes to do a mind map. Write down all the things you are good at and can share with people. Have you been through a certain situation for example I love to talk about acne as it is something I have suffered with. What can you give valuable insight on? Make this a focus on your blog and this will also help your individuality shine! What can people take away from your blog?

These are just a couple of things I have learnt. As of today I now have a new section on my blog under CAREER. So look forward to many more posts giving tips and insight on all things career related!

Do you have any good blogging tips to share?

Ivy xo


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