Tuesday, February 23, 2016


On Friday it was my mum's birthday! I planned the whole day as a surprise and it was such a success! I have so much to reccomend to you!

So in the AM I surprised my mum by booking her in to have her nails done. She never has them done so it was the perfect treat. This gave me a prime time to pick up some birthday cake. Now this can be difficult as I can not have Gluten, Wheat or Dairy and my mum would hate not to share her cake. So I popped into Chateau Dessert in Chiswick and picked up a slice of this raspberry and Madagascar Vanila cake!

It was Gluten Free, Wheat Free and Dairy free! It was also nut free however that isn't an issue to me. It looked so impressive on the plate and it went down a treat! It was more of a moose consistency and not what I was expecting, it kind of tasted like Percy pigs! However I reccommend these cakes if you have allergies and you need something for a special occasion.

The next main stop of the day was the Tate Modern. This is such a great venue to visit in London and some exhibitions are even FREE! If not free they are £14.50. We went to see Performing For The Camera. It was a great exhibition for anyone to see as I think we can all relate, even if the only photos you take are selfies! The views are also amazing!!!

The last stop of the day was Amused Moose Comedy club. My mum had no clue untill a few minutes before! It was the best surprise I had planned. Held at the Soho Sanctum Hotel and hosted by Alex Zane (From balls of steel) in total there were 5 comedians. It was such a laugh! £14.50 a ticket it is a must to check out. It has a real personal feel and it is just such a great night out wether it is with a partner or your friends. They are held every Friday night.

Do you have any must do activities in London?

Have a great day!
Ivy xo


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