Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Deliciously Ella EVERY DAY (Book 2) REVIEW

I guess you could say this is a 'Review' however before I even bought this book I already knew what my verdict would be.

Ella Woodward the author behind Deliciously Ella has hit us with a second book! I could not wait for this to be released as it fits my diet perfectly.

In short the book is filled with
- Gluten free, Wheat Free, Dairy Free and Refined Sugar free recipes (and they all taste amazing!)
- Tips on how to adopt this way of living.
- Knowledge on the food we are putting into our bodies and why to choose this kind of diet.
- On the go tips to stay healthy including recipes for eating healthy on the go.
- Big batch meals! Great for a busy individual.
- + so much more! These are the basis.

I feel this book is an extension of the first. If you do not own either I say pick up the first one out of the two as it has some fundamental recipes which Ella uses a lot in the second book. Although this is adapted and she does show other recipes for example dips etc in the first book you have the classic recipes so it is great for a beginner.

If you have been following me you will know I am such a fan of Ella and her work I think it is great she is promoting this way of eating. She makes healthy eating fun and interesting and you feel you are not missing out on anything. Great everyday food!

Defiantly go pick up a copy you will not regret it!! I have spent hours looking through cookbooks however I didn't even need to look before I bought this one because I knew I would love it!

Get cooking!!

Ivy xo

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  1. This book sounds so great! It's always nice to cook recipes that are healthy, but you don't feel like it's boring. I really need to get into cooking from books, it seems so fun:D

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