Saturday, February 13, 2016

How To Have The Best Valentines Day SINGLE

No matter wether you are in a relationship or you are single either way you should have a great Valentines Day! Here are my top suggestions...

1) No alarm!
It is a Sunday too! So if it is possible don't set an alarm and wake up naturally. Relax and start the day at peace with yourself.

2) Positive mind set.
Don't sit and dwell on the fact you are single. Focus on what you are grateful for and enjoy the single life! You are in control so focus on yourself and give your own heart some love. Run a bath and indulge with a good cup of coffee or tea. Also make the effort to make a good breakfast. Something which feels like a treat.

3) Join in with the Valentines Day spirit.
There is no reason why you shouldn't wear a Valentines inspired makeup look. Get your blending brush out and take a selfie and put it on Instagam! If you need any inspiration check out my latest tutorial on a Valentines Day makeup look. I am obsessed with this look it is so subtle yet smokey!

4) Get Out! 
Don't sit at home all day. I know you may have friends who have partners so everyone is busy but you can go out and enjoy your day too. Or if you have any friends who are single plan a day out together or even a night in with Netflix and a take away! Whatever you fancy but just don't do nothing. 

5) Do something which isn't in your normal routine.
Valentines Day is all about love so show yourself some love. When I want a treat I love to go to Nama in Notting hill and get a nice slice of cake! I love having a treat which is edible lol creamy and smooth and something which feels naughty! If that isn't your kind of thing then maybe buy yourself something wether it is a pair of shoes or clothes just make the day different to a 'normal day'.

Have you got any suggestions for Vday?

I hope you have a wonderful day! Embrace the love and have a day off! 

Ivy xo

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