Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Little Things Which I Need | My Happiness

Life is NOW so do the things which make you smile! Here are 5 things which bring me happiness!

1) Getting my nails done.
I hate it when I don't have my nails done. I have an awful habit of picking the sides of my fingers if I am stressed or if have something on my mind... It is not a cute look. So when I have my nails done I can't do that and I find my nails always look nice! It makes me feel girly! Which I am all for being a girl! haha.

2) Clean Diet
My diet is my lifestyle. I pay so much attention to what I put into my body as I believe everything starts from within. Our diet reflects our health, our skin and our mood. When my body is in balance I am my happiness. I have a new blog which is HEALTH, DIET, FITNESS, MIND BODY AND SOUL focused, so head on over to www.hashtaglegit.com

3) My Car
This is something which I have to say makes a huge difference to me. I have only had my own car for around 7 months and it has made such a huge difference to me. It means I can get out and go wherever I want on my own accord. It gives me freedom and there is nothing better than being in my own space with my music on just driving around.

4) My Planner
I have a Virgo ascendant. For all my astrology lovers you know what that is. My main star sign is Taurus so this alone suggests I love to be organised and I can be a perfectionist. When I don't have a planner I actually feel my life goes a little off whack. I become more stressed and unmotivated. So my new Erin Condren planner is everything to me. I love to write things down and tick them off and I get so much more done in a day PLUS it actually makes me more motivated so I find myself exercising more and going to the gym.

5) Time to Surrender
I am a workaholic. I love my blog and youtube and being creative. I have a goal for my life and I am positive to reach big ambitions. This means 'working' doesn't feel like 'working' to me. I have a saying which I stand by 'I want to work to live, not live to work'. One thing I have to make sure I do is have time to switch off. I need time to relax and let my mind relax and the word I love is SURRENDER. Just let life be. Accept your current situation for a day and just live. Relax go for a coffee go shopping anything. I just like to give my mind a break to remember to focus on the NOW.

What makes you happy?

Ivy xo

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