Tuesday, March 01, 2016


how to save money

Hey big spender! If I do say so myself I am quite good when it comes to money and saving/ budgeting and all of the sort. Today I am sharing some of my top tips!

1) Mobile banking - Separate Accounts

This is my biggest tip! If you can have your accounts under the same bank. This means you can easily transfer money between accounts and see your funds all on one page. The Mobile Banking apps are amazing! This means you can have access on the go. What I like to do is I have a current account which is my daily use account, another current account which I put by money for the bills which need to be paid that month and lastly a saving account to put money away and to not touch! I find this system works amazingly because when you get paid you can automatically put by your 'bills' money and then budget the rest. Also having a savings account means you can chip away at it and keep saving. Some months you might put away more money than others but the key is be realistic and do not touch it! Once you transfer that money over forget about it!

2) Save Your Coffee Cards

So when you fill up a coffee card do you automatically use it straight away? Well don't! If you aren't tight for money when you have one then save it! They come in so handy when you are having a tight on money time!

3) Points Cards

Everyone is using point card systems now and you really should take advantage. Unsubscribe from emails so they do not bother you and start collecting points. Again I like to save up my point for the times when money is tight. Boots is my favourite because it means I can still get that lipstick even if I have no money!

4) Always Search For Vouchers Or Discounts Before You Buy

All it takes is a quick google. You would be surprised at what you can find by searching 'vouchers for....'. I get cheaper cinema tickets, restaurant vouchers, clothes vouchers and so much more! It saves so much money and it takes no time at all. Even better if you can search before you go out then it saves you time when you are in a shop or restaurant.

5) Food.. Don't Bulk Buy For The Week + Always Keep Store Cupboard Essentials

How many times do you do a food shop and end up having to throw away food which has gone past its date? I hate when this happens! So now I like to buy a couple of days at a time. I hardly ever throw food away. Even left over vegetables I chuck in the juicer. Also pay attention to which shops are better value for money and quality. I actually try and buy mostly organic and my weekly food bill is on average £30. I also always make sure I am stocked up on cupboard essentials for example chickpeas, pasata, beans, pastas, rice etc. They are key ingredients for great budget meals! Pasta with a tomato sauce and vegetables cheap as chips! Or chickpea salads or a basic rice and vegetable curry the list can go on and on!

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Do you have any good tips? Share them below!

Ivy xo


  1. Great post! Helpful information. I always use coupons whenever I can. I also like to sign up for text and email alerts from retailers and food joints that I like.

    Also, I took a look through your blog and it is very nice. I like the cleanliness of it. Your pictures stand out! Do you take all your pictures yourself? I have a hard time finding images for my blog... lots of websites want to charge an arm and a leg for images.

    1. Thank you! I am glad you enjoyed it. Thank you so much I really appreciate your feedback. Yes I take all my photos myself, except the rare few and if so I also write a credit. I just find it is having a decent camera to take a good image and a good background and the rest is down to the editing. Editing is everything! That is how I get my backgrounds white :) x


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