Tuesday, April 26, 2016


What to know the juicy details of filming Youtube Videos?!
So Lily Pebbles posted a video with Amelia Liana called 10 Youtube Secrets and I loved this video idea so I decided to answer the questions in a Blog Post. So here we go here are my secrets!

1) What is the first video you uploaded to youtube and is it still live?
The first video I uploaded to youtube was a cover of me singing and playing the guitar to Bubbly by Colby Callait. This was uploaded onto a channel which doesn't even exist now! Before I started my current Music channel and my Beauty Channel I had another one but I was too scared people would find it so I deleted it! I was around 15 years old.

2) Whats your favourite video on your channel?
On my Beauty + Lifestyle channel my favourite video would have to be my Paris vlog which was over my 21st birthday. It holds so many memories in a place to dear to my heart!

3) Most embarrassing thing you have said in a video?
Oh really?! I share so much with you guys which sometimes can be TMI!

4) Which youtube channel do you stalk for new uploads?
This is a hard one! I love Casey Holmes and Amanda ensing I always watch their content. I also love Shaaanxo's Vlogs.

5) Do you prefer filming or editing?
Defiantly filming! When I am in the zone recording I LOVE chatting to you guys! I love sharing my experiences and creating content which I hope benefits you.

6) My most loved tech item is....
Would have to be my camera. I am not very tech savvy! All I use is my camera a tripod and natural sunlight and then a laptop to edit. I use the Canon G7X and I use it for everything including blog photos and vlogging. Hopefully one day as my channel grows and I can afford it I will upgrade to a better camera. However I must say I am so happy with my camera and I defiantly recommend it if you are starting out.

7) What you don't see when watching my video is...
That I film in my living room. The white background is a square painted onto the wall! I literally move the sofa and plant decor to film then after I have to put it all back! I also always wear comfy trousers but thats a given I feel all you tubers do!

8) My favourite time to watch youtube videos is....
In the morning whilst I eat my breakfast. I feel like it gets me motivated for the day and is a nice way to wake my brain up! Although I must say it isn't really a good time to watch videos as looking at the computer screen that early in the morning isn't the best for you but hey I still do it!

9) Learning this about my camera changed my filming process.
Learning what an F stop and ISO actually do and how to adjust them correctly. Just learning the settings which control the lighting in general changed my filming process. I am still learning now and to be honest I still feel a little lost however getting the right F stop and ISO is key!

10) Straight after filming a video I...
EAT! I always film in the late morning. I find my best light is before 1pm so by the time I finish I am usually starving! I wake up early so I eat breakfast early so the gap is too long for me! Lol I love to eat. I then also sometimes take my makeup off if I have a lot on and don't need to be wearing much that day.

What are your secrets?! I tag you reading this to answer these questions! Make sure you tag me so I can read your answers!

Ivy xo


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