Friday, April 22, 2016

BIRTH CONTROL (The Pill) My Experience, Side Effects + Acne

Ivy Rode

Girls.. Lets talk birth control.

So I recently made the decision to come off my birth control. I was on Microgynon a few years back and when I came off I didn't have a period for a year!! So the Doctor put me onto Loestrin to sort the problem and then 2 months later I was put on Cilest. 

I have been on one heck of a journey with my body, mind, face (acne) and womb LOL. So today I have my experience to share with you. I go through everything! Side effects on and off the pill and I talk about things I learnt along the way.

All girls should watch this video as I have some information to share which might make a HUGE difference to you. 

I hope it is useful and if you want to chat about anything leave a comment! 

Ivy xo


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