Saturday, April 30, 2016

I Am Going To... INDIA!

Yes I am flying off to India for a whole month! Here are the juicy details...
Ok so I am leaving for India TODAY and I am there for exactly 30 days. The reason for my travel is to study Ayurvedic Medicine. Throughout the past 2 years I have gained a huge interest in diet and health and Ayurveda is something which has crossed my path. My mum is a Thai Yoga Masseur, Yoga Teacher and soon to be Chavutti Thirumal Therapist too. So naturally I am really into the eastern way of life and healing.

I am on my own journey with health and diet constantly wanting to learn more and better myself. I feel like Ayurveda is the next step. I want to collect all this knowledge not just for my self but I want to be able to help others. I feel there is no better way to learn and teach something than experience it for your self. So that is exactly what I am doing!

I will be blogging the whole way so watch this space! There is a lot coming to this blog and my youtube channel and I want my platforms to be the truest representation of myself. Yes I love the all natural clean eating life but I do like to wear make up and embrace that girly side. I feel like there is a stereotype when you look at people who are into health and fitness and what I call the 'natural' side of things. However I want to break that stereotype because I am a bit of everything. I believe you need to take what you want from certain lifestyles and make up your own lifestyle.

So my blog is going to be very active throughout the month of May however I am not sure what the situation will be like with my Youtube channel. If internet is ok then yes hopefully I will have videos up but I will have to cross that bridge when it comes. I will try and get some content pre filmed before I go but I just wanted to say now incase things do not go to plan. I will have A LOT of videos when I get back in June!

So make sure you are following my blog on Bloglovin and my youtube channels including my Vlog channel! I will be filming the whole trip!

India Travel Diaries coming May 1st! Don't miss it!

Ivy xo

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