Tuesday, April 12, 2016


Any acne sufferers out there? Are you scared to put foundation on your skin too?
I may be the only one but yes like the title says I am scared to wear foundation. To some people you may think that is stupid however I am hoping some of you reading may be able to relate.

I have had troubled skin since I was around 15. Although my skin is nothing like it used to be I have been left with this fear that heavy foundation or liquids are going to clog my pores and give me spots. I think when you have been in a battle with your skin and you go down the natural route you do become far more conscious to what you put on your skin.

It is an annoying fear to have as I am a makeup junkie and I love doing tutorials etc and I love watching girls do their foundation routine. If you have seen my tutorials I do not show my face makeup and that is simply because all I wear on my skin is concealer, bronzer and a little powder on my nose. I feel like I am waiting for my skin to be completely clear and strong so I can be like 'yay' and pile on foundation. It is just stupid because what is the point? If my skin was that clear I wouldn't need the foundation.

I think the way social media is now what we see ins't real. Any one can air brush their face so the idea we have in our head just isn't realistic.

So although I am scared to wear foundation I also have the argument of do I need to wear foundation in my head?

I do not think it is good to build these fears and also as I film youtube videos so I do like my skin tone to look even. So what I have been doing is wearing mineral foundation and testing the waters to see how my face copes. Once I can break the fear then I don't have to wonder what it is like anymore!

UPDATE: I don't think my skin likes the Laura Mercier foundation! LOL it is like a joke or something! Tiny bumps all over my cheeks! Back in the box it goes! Well what shall I try next... Or maybe I just am a no foundation kind of girl?

I am not sure if this makes sense to you but hey Rode Rambles!

Anyone else been/in this position?

Ivy xo


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