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PAI Skincare REVIEW | Natural, Organic, Vegan + Gluten Free

I have been testing out Pai Skincare for a few weeks now and I have 5 products to review! Lets do this!

To my knowledge from reading their website Pai Skincare is formulated for sensitive allergy prone skin. All products are certified organic and natural and are not tested on animals. Plus it is safes for vegans and celiacs! (Except the stretch mark serum which has wheat germ in it). This all being said you know you are putting good ingredients onto your face and avoiding all the bad ingredients!

Ok so lets talk products.

Pai Camellia & Rose Facial Cleanser

This product comes with a muslin cloth and has a smooth oil based texture. It feels so luxurious applying this onto the skin. I take 1&1/2 pumps and apply to dry skin and massage the product into my skin to dissolve any makeup and grim. I then dampen my muslin cloth with hot water and place over my face to open the pores. The reason I do this is because it contains castor oil which as an ingredient I love as it draws out any blackheads and impurities. I then wet the cloth again and remove the product from my face followed by a few splashes of warm water. I also end with a splash of cold water to close the pores!

I absolutely love this cleanser I feel like this does wonders for my skin however the negatives for me are.
1) It lasted me a month! Only a month! Which is expensive.
2) You need to remove it with a muslin cloth otherwise you may experience clogged pores like I did before I realised how important the cloth was.
3) The muslin cloth is a pain to keep hygienic.

The pros however are.
1) My skin felt hydrated and plump and healthy!
2) My skin felt happy my breakouts were calmer and the texture of my skin was far smoother.
3) It just feel so dam good! You look forward to using this product.

Overall it gets a 9/10 from me!

Pai Copaiba Deep Cleanse AHA Mask

When I first started to use this mask I thought it was a bit uneventful, but now I can't seem to put it down! This mask is so gentle! Great for sensitive skin. It as a smooth creamy texture and you apply a good layer, let it do its thing then take the muslin cloth (which is included) hold over your face to loosen the product and then remove. I do not have any major down falls with this mask I just find is very pleasant however I do not think it is ground breaking.

The pros for this product are.
1) It is very gentle.
2) My skin is left feeling hydrated and soft.
3) It really gives your skin life. Even breakouts look good after using it.
4) You can leave it on for longer than it says (I know you shouldn't but hey we get distracted) and it doesn't make your face shrivel up. It also is very easy to remove.

I am enjoying this product now and maybe in the future I may come back to it however I am not sure at this moment in time if I need it as a staple in my cupboard.
My score is 7/10.

Pai Rice Plant BioAffinity Tonic

This is my newest product to my collection. I originally bought the Lotus and Orange Blossom toner however I had to exchange it for the Rice Plant as it was far to moisturising for my skin as it was aimed towards dry skin and I have oily skin.

As far as the Rice Plant toner goes it is a pleasant product. I have been using it for over 2 weeks and it has not irritated my skin. However I must say I can not say it has done much. I have had no crazy improvements or anything to report back on sadly. I think it is pleasant and it leaves my skin feeling comfortable which is important to me however I don't think I will be rushing back to buy another bottle.

My Score 5/10

Pai Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil

This was the first product I even bought from Pai. This is a concentrated oil of Rosehip seed oil and Rosehip fruit oil. Packed with Omegas and essential nutrients this oil is great for regenerating the skin wether it is damaged skin or hyper pigmentation.

I used the oil for a while and I believe the treatment does work however the oil at the time was too much for my troubled skin and I was breaking out so I stopped using this product. I feel like now my face has calmed down I would use this to spot treat instead of all over my face. However if you have good skin I highly recommend this product as it is a great quality and so beneficial for your skin.

At the moment my score is 6/10 however this is subject to change when I reintroduce it into my routine. (Hopefully the score will be higher and I will update!)

These are all the Pai products I have used so far. I really love this brand and I highly recommend you check it out if you are in the market for natural skincare.

Have you tried any Pai products? If so let me know your experience in the comments! I would love to hear from you!

Ivy xo

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