Wednesday, April 06, 2016

The Coffee Traveller | Chiswick, London | CAFE REVIEW

Tucked away in Chiswick I stubbled across this cafe passing by in the car. I finally made a stop off and I am here to share my findings.

First off looks can be deceiving. From the outside the cafe looks quite small however there is far more space inside as it extends out the back and offers plenty of seating. I love the decor of this cafe, it kind of reminds me of Indiana Jones! Plus it has free wifi!

As far as the menu goes they offer coffee's, teas, smoothies and more. They also have a good selection of food great for a quick bite or a treat with your coffee. I saw they did a mix of different sandwiches as well as hot dishes such as quiches and toast. If you are after something sweet they had a great display of cookies and cakes and breakfast croissants.

I find the decor so cool and Instagram worthy so it is worth stopping by just to get that snap! Here are some pictures I took myself!

Note: I also like the quirky details like the 'EMERGENCY' toilet roll and the card on the mirror! Also dogs are allowed too!

The Coffee Traveler Info:

Have a great day and a great coffee!

Ivy xo


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