Saturday, April 16, 2016

The Magical Cream! SUDOCREM

Have you got angry breakouts? Or scars which don't seem to fade? I may have the magical cream you have been searching for....

Whenever I hear the word Sudocrem I always think back to my child hood. This cream has been around for years! My mum used to use it on me when I was a baby for nappy rash! It is one of those creams everyone has in their cupboard but do not reach for enough. The type of product that when you break out in a rash or something out of the ordinary your mum would say 'put some Sudocrem on it'. 

So for the past few weeks I have been having flare ups of eczema and a few angry hormonal breakouts. I decided to give Sudocrem a try and my mind was blown! Not only did my breakouts calm down by a significant amount but the redness decreased by half! I started dotting this stuff all over my body and I am hooked! 

It works far for efficiently on my face on scars, marks and breakouts. However it does help with my eczema as much as it can however that is an internal thing so there is only so much a cream can do. 

So lets break it down.

1) Redness reduced including scars and marks! 
2) Sped up healing time regarding scars and marks.
3) Calmed down breakouts and stopped them forming a head.
4) Inexpensive skincare item

1) Thick consistency meaning it is hard to remove. However be gentle and you will be fine.
2) Does not soak in quickly. As it is a thick consistency the product sits on the top of the skin so it can transfer onto clothes if you do not let it soak in. I spot treat using the product on my face and just walk around the house with white dots all over me! Works great just do not forget and touch your face!

Product Details

In all I have fallen in love with this product again and I am reaching for it far more. I defiantly recommend you try this cream if you suffer with anything I have mentioned. 

Have a great day!

Ivy xo



  1. I remember this from my childhood too! I really should get some because I could do with something to soothe redness. Thanks for reminding me about it! X

    Kate Louise Blogs

    1. It has worked a treat for me I highly recommend trying it! xx


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