Thursday, May 05, 2016

After 48 Hours in INDIA!

So I have been on Indian ground for 48 hours and already I have a fair few observations and insights to share! 

1) Coconuts are 35p each! Mind blown! Back home they get away with selling 1 coconut for over £5! Looks like I am going to be drinking a lot of coconut water! 

2) You carry everything yourself. Now the reason I am making a point of this is it is I had 3 bags 2 hands and no one will help you carry anything. Upstairs, downstairs it does not matter you do it yourself. I completely understand as you see children carrying large quantities of weight so you just get on with it! So I did not complaints you just do it! No looking for a strong man to help you! 

3) Driving is hectic! I am not sure if they have rules or not but you just drive and get where you are going. Sitting in the back of a Took Took is quick exciting although sometimes scary! I actually love this it is refreshing compared to all rules we have back home. 

4) RICE! Everything… with rice. Breakfast to Dinner you have rice with every meal in different forms, This could be a Pancake or Idilly which is like a fat small pancake, noodles or just rice. The rice is so delicious and it depends on the type used it also seems a lot lighter on the stomach. I am loving this so far however ask me again in a months time! 

5) No toilet paper. If you travel to India always have some kind of tissue in your bag. None of the restrooms I have been too so far have toilet paper so always be prepared! If you aren’t it is your hand and water…

6) Makeup is a waste of space. The only makeup I have worn here is concealer, mascara and a lipstick. That is my maximum! It is so hot you sweat a lot in the day and the humidity is high. You want to let your skin breath. I actually do not think I will wear any makeup at all whilst being here! 

7) It is so cheap! Meals cost 50p sometimes! It can get confusing keeping track of hoe much money you have spent so I recommend at the end of each day writing it down to keep track.

8) Blow your head off. It is a known fact India is linked with curry but this is no joke. Even breakfast can have a kick of chilli or spice. If you can not take spice I am warning you now! it is hard to hide from. 

These are just a few so far! However I am sure I will have many more insights to share! I am loving it here so these are not negatives I am just sharing so you get to know the real truths! 

Ivy xo

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