Tuesday, May 03, 2016

FLYING WITH ALLERGIES (Airport & Plane) | Vegan/ Gluten Free

22 hours travelling by tube, plane and train I have arrived in India! The journey was great with no complications! Amazing! On the plane I took my own food with me as with my allergies it is hard for me to eat plane food. You are allowed to take food through security as long as there is no liquids or pastes etc. So no hummus, salad dressings, milks etc you get the gist! 

I took with me…

1 pre baked sweet potato 
1 container of quinoa 
1 container of green beans + Asparagus 
1 box of Raw Health Crackers 
1 LoveRaw Cacoa + Maca Brownie 
Porridge oats (gluten free oats, buckwheat flakes, flaxseed)

It may seem like a lot but it was just about enough to be honest I could have eaten more! I had to make sure I had enough for the whole 22 hours + more. Once I got to the airport I went to Pret and I also picked up a coconut yogurt with gluten free granola, a fruit pot and an apple. Plus I also grabbed lunch which was the no cream chicken soup from Pret. I highly recommend it! I find Pret to be a good go to source for food as they do have many vegan and gluten free options and they also list their ingredients. I have not had a problem with their food. 

On the plane I pre ordered the Raw Vegetable meal which actually was a good option. Like the name suggests it was raw vegetables spiralized however I did not eat the dressing and extras it came with as there was cheese and crackers which I do not eat. I used the vegetables as my potato filling and it was great! For the second plane ride I had the fruit platter however this was just a lot of melon, grapes and pineapple. I am not a big fan of melon and I am allergic to grapes LOL so it was a lot of pineapple for me on this journey! 

I defiantly recommend taking your own food if you have difficulties with eating out. There is nothing worse than being hungry and having nothing available! Even if you do not eat it all it is good to have options. 

I am vlogging my trip and I will have my first travel vlog up soon which I will link once it is up!  Until then here are some snaps from the first day!

Do you take food on the plane? If so what do you take? I would love to hear from you!

Ivy xo


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