Wednesday, May 11, 2016

India Travel Diary VLOG #2

Vlog 2 is up! Coconuts, cute kids, Ayurveda and Hindu flowers! I hope you enjoy!

I am having a bit of an off week! Whilst trying to film vlogs, work on blog posts and keep my sites running I have a lot of things working against me! Firstly the Ayurvedic Doctor is treating me so I am under a big cleanse and starting to take Ayurvedic Medicines. This means my face is just erupting as my body is cleansing. This is a good thing however it is difficult to deal with when trying to film vlogs and not wear any makeup! I have confidence but not that much confidence right now! However I am trying to look at this positively and I will try my best to document the process so you can see the before and after result. Secondly with the heat here too much time in front of a computer screen is difficult and after too long it gives me such a bad headache so I have to make sure I ease off! Lastly the internet here is difficult so everything takes a lot longer than it should! 

Putting all this aside I hope you understand any delays with content however I hope you are enjoying the content I am posting and know more is to come! 

Enjoy today's Vlog! 
Ivy xo


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