Friday, June 03, 2016


As time goes on I become more aware of what I put on to my skin. Knowing I would be in India for a month I knew I needed a good sunscreen and I stumbled across the Argentum Plus Silver MSM Sun Lotion.
There are many other natural sunscreens on the market however in the health food store the assistant was certain this was 'the one' to get. Well a month has come and gone and I am here to give you my thoughts.

NOT FOR ME. Sorry but this was the worst sunscreen I have ever used. Naturally my skin does not burn and I develop a tan pretty easily. I wore this one day I decided to lay out in the sun and I got the worst sunburn I have ever had in my life! My mum could not believe it either as this never happens to me. I was only out in the sun for a little over an hour and it looked like I hadn't applied any lotion.

Sorry for the close up shot of my boobs lol but this is the only way I could show the burn. This does not even show the true colour it was worse in person!

At the end of the day living in London I am not exposed to harsh sunlight so when I am in a hot country I do like to lay out to catch a tan. I am very conscious of how long I am in the sun for and I make sure my skin is always protected etc. The main reason for a sunscreen is protect your skin and the fact I burnt so badly shows it was not protecting me at all!

I am all for natural products but after this experience I am thinking maybe the more generic brands are better. At least with them I do not get sunburnt.

What are your thoughts?

Ivy xo

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