Friday, June 17, 2016


Last week I went to a Blogging event called I Am Beautiful and it raised up thoughts I have had for a while which I want to chat about today.

What is beauty? Really think about it. Ask someone on the street 'what is beauty' and they will say 'beauty comes from within' but that same person wants to change their physical appearance? I feel like people say 'beauty comes from within' because they think that is what they should say but how many people really mean it. To me beauty is honesty.

To me beauty is contentment. The connection between your head and your heart when it meets in peace. When you feel that connection that is when our happiness thrives. Beauty is acceptance. Realising the birth marks, freckles, moles, scars whatever it may be are what make us unique and different. Surrendering and connecting to your body to say 'This Is Me'. When you have that moment it is a powerful one.

No human being wakes up 24 hours of the day 365 days of the year in complete happiness feeling beautiful. We all fall into cracks and the little head in our voice goes off on one but the comfort is... that is ok. There is so much pressure through social media to feel like life should be perfect and it is a false reality because no ones life is perfect. When people post a photo is has been through 5 different filters 6 apps and a good sweep of photoshop which may I add puts more pressure on yourself because when you do meet people you feel worse because you think 'ahh my skin doesn't look like how it does on Instagram!'.

When you look in the mirror and see something you don't like how does that make you feel? Why does it make you feel like that? Is it because you care what you see or do you care what others see?

The sooner you realise everyone is in the same boat the sooner you can experience beauty. Some people do have plastic surgery and I have no judgement on that because if getting a new nose or bigger lips puts a smile on your face when you look in the mirror and you feel contentment then how can you argue with that.

You have one body and your own decisions. The main point is everyone has their hang ups and some people hide it better than others. Are you longing for that happiness and glow you see on social media well I will tell you a secret ... Just look in the mirror and accept yourself because you are beautiful even in the dark.

Ivy xo


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