Friday, July 29, 2016

July Favourites | BEAUTY + LIFESTYLE

Summer please slow down! Another month has come to an end so its time to talk about the things I have been loving.

1) Nyx Eyeshadow - Dance The Tides
I was watching Tati's video on high end dupes and she mentioned this shadow is a dupe for MAC's eye shadow Saddle. I have been wanting that shade for a while now so as soon as she mentioned this dupe I was putting it into my cart within the next minute! I have been loving this shade it is perfect for the crease and to warm up any eye look. Also to note it is matte.

2) Pixi Mesmerising Mineral Eyeshadow Palette - Copper Peach
I was actually given this palette from my friend and I did not expect to love it as much as I have. Firstly I need to point out these shadows do have a sheen/ sparkle to them. This palette has been my go to this month. Whenever the weather gets warmer all I want is a bronzed eye and these are the perfect colours. If I am going for a minimal look I just use the peach shadow (4th shade down) on my lid and Nyx 'dance the tides' in my crease and then a little bit of the cream shadow (top shadow) to highlight my brown bone and inner corner. However if I want add a bit more oomph to my look I add the deeper shades into my outer v and lower lash line and gaah I just love it! The tones are just perfect for that bronzed sultry look.

3) Soap & Glory Brow Putty - Dark Chocolate
I am a big supporter of Sleek Eyebrow Stylist however this month I gave a brow putty a go which is new to me. Well why have I not tried these sooner? You can get such a precise brow with this product and it is so effortless and easy. I am also so impressed with the colour. I am very particular with my brow colour as I hate anything too warm but Dark Chocolate is perfect and if you have darker hair I highly recommend this product. I use this product in action in my latest haul.

4) Barry M Malten Metal Nail Paint - Copper Mine
No need to go on about this colour any more than I have on social media! It is just gorgeous. Obsessed and the formulation dries very quickly which is always a plus!

5) Sally Henson Gel Shine 3D Top Coat
This month I decided to try and stop my bad finger picking habit and look after my natural nails. I always have Gel/ Acrylic nails however it can be expensive and I am having to cut back! This product has been a real winner for me. I like to apply it as a base coat as it thickens up my natural nail which is weak at the moment from the false nails. I then apply my nail polish and then finish with another coat of the Gel Shine. I find my nails feel extremely strong and it makes the finish of the polish look gorgeous!

6) UNUM App
If you love instagram and you want a killer theme then you need this app in your life. This app allows you to plan out your feed and you can make sure all your photos look good together. I love this app to pre plan posts so I can try and be consistent with my uploads. The app has some in app editing features however I just use it to design my feed and store the photos I want to post. It is a blogger must have!

7) Music
Alarm by Anne-Marie has been my JAMMMM! I love this song and Anne-Marie's voice is gorgeous! Defiantly check this track out! I also have discovered 'Starving' by Hailee Steinfield and I am just obsessed.

What have you been loving in July? Or better question what should I try in August?!

Ivy xo


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