Monday, July 18, 2016


A few weeks ago I was kindly invited to attend a workout session created by Hobbie Stuart for Virgin Actives Campaign #MyWorkoutFor. As Hobbie was about to go to Ibiza the whole workout was focused around getting fit for his trip. So lets talk about #MyWorkoutFor IBIZA!

Lol I look so serious!! haha but that contour natural though?!

The class was a good mix of circuit training and weight resistance training with a few games added into the mix. As you may or may not know my main form of exercise is boxing however since I was away in india I have been out of training for 2 months and this class was my first workout since! Lets just say I felt the burn the next day!

I find interval training to be a great way to exercise as you get the intensity and the hit however you do get a breather in-between sets. I find this makes the workout bearable and I find I push myself harder as my stamina is increased.

I loved the team challenges added into the workout. It was so much fun and I felt like a kid again back in PE class! Also may I just add that Hobbie is soo much taller than I was expecting! I do not know why but because he comes across as a cheeky chap I just had this idea he was shorter (no clue why) but no he is defiantly over 6ft!

The Virgin Active gym was gorgeous and so high tech with apple macs in the lounge, wrist band technology to activate lockers and gorgeous locker rooms including ghds (to us girls this is a big fist pump!).

I have been a member of Virgin Active a few times and I have to say they are a great gym. Their facilities are faultless and their class schedules are great with unique workouts such as The Grid and Barre. Their clubs are in different tiers so there are different prices however I must say you do get what you pay for!

If you want some inspiration to get fit for your summer holiday check out the Virgin Active Video below of #MyWorkoutFor IBIZA! You can spot my sweaty face in there a few times!!

Ivy xo


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