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Pizza. The one food everyone goes crazy over! However it is the one food which is difficult for us Vegans especially if you are allergic to gluten or wheat. I have been testing out my options and today I am here to report where you can find a VEGAN + GLUTEN FREE pizza. Let's do this.

Pizza Express

For my personal pizza preference Pizza Express takes the crown for the best Gluten Free base. I like my bases thin and crispy and they get it perfect. If you order the 'Pianta' it automatically does not come with cheese and then you can play around with toppings or leave it as it is. I like to take off the mushroom's and add more artichoke and I also tell them to hold back on the oil as I don't feel like you need garlic oil and olive oil it becomes too much. This pizza is amazing and it is defiantly one of my go too's!


Dirty Dominoes! Yes dominoes do a gluten free base which is certified! So tell them to hold back on the cheese and then choose your toppings! It is extremely easy to place your order online still with all of your requests. This is great to note so you know you do not have to miss out on a Dominoes night! Honestly it is once in a blue moon I get a dominoes as their ingredients are not the best but atleast you know you can have one!


Zizzi now do a VEGAN CHEESE!!!! Yes you read that right. This is the first Vegan pizza option I have seen in a main stream chain. I tried it out for myself and it was pretty good! I have not had 'cheese' on my pizza for over 2 years and I must say it is something you miss on a pizza. Well Zizzi have kicked it up a notch with the vegan option. One thing I would note is the pizza is very oily! I don't know if this is because of the cheese but if I was to order this again I would ask them to not add extra oil. The gluten free base is not my favourite though. I found it to be quite hard and crunchy and in comparison to the Pizza Express base there is no competition.

Nama (Notting Hill)

I know I talk about Nama a lot on social media but it is for good reason! Their food is just an all round winner. Great ingredients, great options and it has never failed me. They offer a pizza with a cheese substitute made from almonds and macadamia nuts too. Everything in Nama is vegan and gluten free so this is a safe bet!

So there we have it 4 places you can find a vegan + gluten free pizza. If you know any more places then please share them in the comments with us!

Ivy xo


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