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I am pretty sure every single girl longs for good conditioned hair. I also think every girl always wishes their hair was thicker unless you are blessed by the hair gods with amazing thick hair naturally.

Styling your hair wether it is blow drying, straightening, curling or using any type of heat comes at a cost. Through these methods if you are not treating your hair well and not using the right precautions then you are signing yourself up for a nightmare.

I went for a trim this week at the RUSH hair salon in Kings Cross London. I wanted to mention this because I had such a great experience and I wanted to let anyone in the area know! Sometimes going to the hair salon is scary because some stylists decide to cut off more than you have asked however the stylist (Chloe) did exactly what I asked for. She was so easy to talk to and I am extremely pleased with the outcome.

I had a chat with Chloe and her manager Amanda after my appointment and they gave me some great tips for keeping your hair healthy and in the best condition so obviously I had to share them with you!


If you are trying to grow your hair you may be like 'NOOOO' but yes! If you do not get a trim then you are actually making your hair grow slower! Your split ends need to be maintained so your hair can grow long and strong otherwise the hair will split up and you do not want anything going in the upward direction! I am not talking have inches cut off but defiantly have a decent trim every 2 months or so.


This is something I am into already however they told me that high street brands use ingredients which are so damaging for the hair even though they are marketed to nourish your hair. It is key to invest in good products which are free from sulphates and the nasty chemicals and once you experience the difference you will not want to go back! (Insider tip: If you pop into RUSH they are selling travel packs from the Kerastase range which are only £20!! Such a great way to test out the products! Plus some of the packs include oils which will last you ages! Such a steal!)


So I always heard using baby shampoo was good for the hair because if it meant for a baby it is meant to be very gentle. Well one thing I learnt was it actually has properties which lighten your hair. So if you don't want your hair colour to be lifted beware of this one!


This one is interesting and feels amazing! When you are at home or washing your hair be sure to give your head some TLC and massage it! By doing this you stimulate the hair follicles which helps the process of your hair growing. Imagine it like this on your face you have pores which if you do not exfoliate you can get a build of of dead skin and dirt which can cause clogged pores and breakouts. Well the same goes for your head if you do not stimulate the hair follicles they can also get clogged which leads to hair thinning and slows down the growth of your hair! So get those finger tips moving!


If you want the appearance of fuller thicker hair try a blunt cut along your ends. This will help immensely with the thickness and will also make your hair look in better condition.


This is a new service to me and I couldn't wait to tell my friends and family about it. Smartbond is a strengthening service which is added to your colour in salon to help prevent further damage during the colouring process. They offer this service in the RUSH salons and the girls were telling me it feels life changing in the quality of your hair after colouring. So if you colour your hair and are scared of the damage I highly recommend looking into this service! I was straight on the phone to my  mum (who has pink hair) as she has been complaining about her hair quality from the use of dye!

I picked these 5 tips to share as they are a little different to the ones I always hear about so I hope you have learnt something and put them into action! I will also be posting my full ALL ABOUT MY HAIR 2016 video this SUNDAY! The video will include even more tips and I also show you the products I personally use which have transformed my hair! I also show you my hair after I had it cut in the salon. So make sure you are SUBSCRIBED so you do not miss it!

Thank you to Chloe and Amanda from the RUSH hair salon in KINGS CROSS for my great salon experience and for all the tips and advice.

Do you have any great tips for keeping your hair in good condition? Leave them in the comments so we can chat!

Ivy xo


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  1. It was a pleasure having you in the salon & hopefully we see you again soon.. hope your Mum loves SmartBond as much as we do #smartsqaud


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