Saturday, October 01, 2016


In today's post I want to share with you my current favourite ABS WORKOUT youtube videos I have been using to workout to in the mornings and or evenings.

The videos which do not have music in I like to play my own and I have the video up on my laptop as a guide. Sometimes I don't use the videos but I use the moves which are shown the videos and I put my own circuit together.

I like to try and do 20 minutes every day. Really that isn't a lot but if you keep it up daily you defiantly do see a difference and even if you just do 10 minutes it is better than nothing! I have been doing daily exercises for over a week now and I can defiantly see improvements.

So join me and tone up with me! For future posts on my favourite butts workout and total body workouts plus my diet and lifestyle tips make sure you are following me on Bloglovin to not miss a post!

Ivy xo


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