Friday, December 30, 2016

How To: Get Your Period Back NATURALLY

If you follow me on youtube you may already know I decided to come off the pill. If you want to know the details on why and what I experienced coming off then you can check out my first video. In a nut shell the pill is a form of a steroid and it is pumping fake hormones into your system which do work in immediate effect however in the long term can be very damaging to your body.

So I was off the pill for around 7 months before I finally got my period back and it wasn't until 6 months off I knew what to do! I tried everything from supplements, to visiting the doctor for hormones checks and nothing was working until I read the Get Your Period Handbook by This Girl Audra

Long story short I needed to put on weight!! I was weighing in 3/4 stone under weight and this has such a huge effect on your period. So for a month I stopped exercising and upped my portions plus added in more calorie dense food. I did not eat unhealthy by any means I just added in more healthy fats such as nuts, seeds, almond butter and did have a few slices of gluten free bread. I got myself up to the weight I should be and TA DA my period came!

I have now had a few periods since and they have all been extremely regular and how they were before I ever went on the pill! I am so happy to share this information with you and hopefully help you if you are struggling because I totally feel myself again and it feels good to know everything is working inside me haha. 

If you are struggling trying to get your period back I highly recommend looking into your weight. I should have known from the start this was the reason as I do believe everything starts from what we eat. I also recommend checking out the Get Your Period Ebook as it helped me so much not only realising I needed to gain weight and get out of bad habits but also mentally as putting on weight  mentally is not easy to do.

If you have any questions please start a conversation in the comments I would love to hear from you!

Ivy xo


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