Monday, January 23, 2017

Hair ALWAYS Smelling good! | BYREDO

Byredo is a new brand to me and I am quickly falling in love. They do an amazing range of perfumes however today it is all about the hair perfumes!

Omg you guys! I am obsessed!! My favourite is Bal D'afrique is it just unreal and a total must have in my hair care. Sometimes our hair needs a bit of a scent boost if our shampoos and conditioners wear off or even if we live a busy lifestyle and need a refresh after the gym. 

This product will without fail make people say 'omg your smells so good' and the joke is on them because you might have not washed your hair for a few days! I find the scent lasts in my hair all day and when your hair catches the wind the scent just wraps around you. I have got so many people onto this product now because I keep getting compliments. 

It retails for £40 but it is so worth it in my opinion. It lasts far better than spraying any old perfume in your hair and it also makes your hair feel so soft to the touch without making it greasy. 

It is one of my favourite beauty secrets and perfect for a date night ladies! 

Ivy xo


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