Tuesday, January 17, 2017


I am so excited to write this post!! I have been wanting to write it for ages but I have been waiting for the products to come back into stock so I could take some blog worthy photos!
So working in Space NK comes with a massive perk which is I get to try out so many skincare brands so you can trust me that this is a true tried and tested review. I came across the brand Dr Jackson's which is an all natural organic skincare brand. Immediately I was drawn to the brand as it is 'all natural' which I am a sucker for as you may already know I am all about the ingredients.

Cutting the chat and to the point I am OBSESSED with '03' which is their Everyday Face Oil and '05' which is their Face And Eye Essence. Honestly these products worked wonders on my skin to the point I don't think my skin has ever been this good!

Let's start with '03' the Everyday Face Oil.

This oil is beautiful on the skin I find it to be the perfect overnight treatment. I usually am scared of wearing anything on my face at night as I tend to get clogged pores if I do however this product does not have that effect at all if anything it has helped to get rid of clogged pores and smooth out my skin!  I apply this at night after I have cleansed and toned and in the morning my skin is so soft! I have also found these products have improved my skin texture and any pigmentation I have and I hardly have spots anymore unless they are hormonal.

Now onto '05' the Face And Eye Essence.

I use this product as my moisturiser however it is a serum. I know it is weird because it comes in a jar but this product is perfect for oily skin types as it is not too heavy on the skin but it does all the jobs you need done! I also find this to be such as nice base under makeup. I apply this product every morning and it sinks in beautifully and does not leave any kind of residue. The blend of ingredients work to improve collagen production and helps to firm and even the skin. I also find it is perfect for acne prone skin as it helps to calm the skin and protect it from environmental stresses.

I really can not rave about these products enough because I am over the moon with them! If you have acne I HIGHLY recommend you check this brand out. However I must say I am not a fan of their face wash I personally would give that a miss. These two product though are a must and I have so many customers coming into store saying they changed their skin's life too!

Thank you Dr Jackson's for saving my skin!!

Ivy xo

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