Saturday, August 26, 2017

My Experience Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar for 1 Week

Apple cider vinegar is known for it's list of many health benefits from lowering blood sugar levels to help aiding constipation to one of the reasons I tried it which is to help clear your skin.
ACV is great to detox the liver and help clear the body from toxins. It acts similarly to an antibiotic which gets rid of all the bad bacteria we do not want in out gut however it is not damaging to us like an antibiotic can be. 

Anyway I started researching ACV and was so curious to see if it would help with my skin so for a whole week I drank 2 tablespoons between 2-3 times a day diluted with water and this was my result.

I broke out like crazy! I started to develop deep under the skin breakouts which I do not have often anymore so this was out the blue for me. I usually suffer with clogged pores and small whiteheads however these breakouts where the kind which were under the skin and hurt to touch or wiggle my face around. 

At first I thought it was a detox reaction which it defiantly could have been and I stuck through for the week however at this point I have decided I am not going to take the investigation further as my face just did not seem happy at all. Not only was I developing breakouts but my skin just seemed inflamed and angry. My skin the week before was doing so good as well but typical me I go and decided to disturb it! Haha the daily struggle of a training naturopathic nutritionist! 

A little bit of back story I have had 2 food allergy tests done before and both came up that I was intolerant to yeast and showed my body was reacting with the substance. This is where I was unsure as I knew I could not have vinegar however I was told ACV was ok however I am starting to think maybe any form of yeast wether it is good or bad just does not react well with me. I also want to note that my diet is good eating clean and plant based and has been this was for over 3 years so I don't think my body should be 'detoxing' this much.

On a positive the week I was drinking the ACV my digestion was very good and my gut health was performing very well so I was very happy about that! I also found my appetite cut down and I was not as hungry as I normally am. One of the benefits people say ACV gives them is they do not crave sugar as much however this was not true for me I still had my sweet tooth. 

There is only so much I can monitor in a week however in all I think my body isn't reacting well with ACV. I am pretty good at analysing my body to know wether my body is detoxing or reacting and to me it felt more like a reaction than a detox. I am also going away on holiday in 2 weeks and my skin was doing so well that I don't want to try and fix something which isn't broken. So that being said right now I am not convinced with ACV however maybe at a later date I will investigate a little more. 

What are your thoughts on ACV? Have you tried it? Also if anyone has any more  info on yeast intolerances and ACV please do start a conversation as I think if you have a yeast intolerance then you should not have it as any form of vinegar contains yeast. However I was told by a nutritionist ACV was ok? I am just confused by this!

Ivy x 

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  1. Last week, I just started drinking a half teaspoon Bragg's ACV in water three times a day and putting a small amount in my bath a few times this week I have noticed that I am not having crazy evening cravings, my hair feels very silky, my face looks thinner, and the taste is getting better. Going to keep that up as so far so good.


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