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Hello! Welcome to my blog!

This is a space I wanted to create to share all things HEALTH, DIET and NUTRITION to show how our lifestyle choices reflect our bodies. I am currently studying a 3 year Diploma to become a qualified Naturopathic Nutritionist and this is what spurred me on to create this blog. I also have a youtube channel where I share more in depth videos and my personal experiences and recommendations. You can find me at Ivy Rode Extra.

I work in the beauty industry and spend my days applying makeup to women to make themselves feel beautiful however I believe beauty does come from within (as cliche as it sounds). What we put inside our bodies is fundamental to the quality of our skin and so if we nail that our makeup will look even better! So good you might not even want to wear makeup!

Our skin is a mirror to what is going on internally and it can be the biggest puzzle of life trying to find out the root cause to our problems. So make sure you are following my blog so I can help you work out that puzzle with you!

But it isn't just skin. As a women I have suffered with hormonal imbalances and food allergies so we will be covering the lot on this blog! This applies to men too! As an aspiring Naturopathic Nutritionist I want to help with all areas of health.

You can also find me on INSTAGRAM and TWITTER.

Ivy x

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